About us

Andrea Öreg scenarist

Gábor Eckstein 3D animator

Dániel Welker 3D animator

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We are the parents of a little boy diagnosed with ADHD. As an affected married couple we decided to start a Youtube channel with the help of a family member, where we are going to present homemade animated films that take into consideration the special needs of children living with ADHD. It is our belief that meeting these needs will bring results in film making that will also benefit the development of healthy children, unlike watching ”traditional” cartoons. Based on professional recommendations these films should meet the following criteria as much as possible:

  • slow pace
  • fewer cuts
  • simple communication
  • single storyline
  • preferred pastel and pure colours
  • simplified forms
  • short runtime
  • non-disturbing music

In addition to these ground rules, it is also important for us that our films convey key human values such as friendship, acceptance, love, overcoming fear and many other equally important thoughts. All this in a form understandable for 3 to 6 year olds.

We hope that more and more people will show interest in our work and more parents will think that watching films like these will benefit their children.