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There are many free fun kids games available for children to play online. These include math games, alphabet games, reading games, memory games, word games, spelling games, vocabulary games, sight words games and more. One of the best educational kids game for elementary age kids involves learning sight words online.

Free fun kids games that help children learn sight words can be one of the best investments an elementary student parent can make for their children. Sight words are taught in every elementary school in the country and provide the base for learning to read. It helps when children can get additional practice at home and have fun playing these free kids games at the same time.

Fun kids games focusing on reading and spelling are often interactive and allow children to practice their reading or spelling skills and measure their proficiency. Teachers and parents can help elementary students by encouraging the use of these types of games used for learning sight words at school and outside of the classroom.

Studies show sight words make up 50-75 percent of all words used in school books, library books, newspapers, and magazines. And the 25 most common sight words make up about one-third of our written material. Without question, these important words will play an important role in your child’s early childhood education and impact your child’s reading efficiency and reading development.

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